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Bamboo Pillow Shredded Memory Foam

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  • Bamboo Cooling Removable Cover
  • Ultra Soft shredded memory foam filling
  • Relieves Neck Pain, Snoring, and Asthma
  • All Sleeping positions
  • Machine washable 
  • Hand bag INCLUDED
  • Dimensions: Queen: 20 x 30in. | King: 20 x 36in.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction WARRANTY

Find your comfort level! ️ Are you having a hard time getting to sleep? Maybe it's time to get rid of your old, worn-out pillow and invest in a memory foam pillow! Shredded memory foam pillows are soft enough to conform to the shape of your head but supportive enough to keep your neck and back aligned properly. ️ Meanwhile, the pillow case is made from viscous of bamboo and is soft, stain resistant, and hypoallergenic. We hope you notice an immediate difference in your level of comfort and your quality of sleep. ️Memory foam is unique in its tendency to expand and fluff up in warmer temperatures and then compress in cooler temperatures. This quality enables these pillows to be adjusted to either a firm pillow or a soft pillow. If you prefer a soft pillow for sleeping, just put our shredded foam pillows in the dryer on a low setting for a few minutes. If you prefer a firm pillow or an extra firm pillow for sleeping, allow the pillow to compress down for that extra support you need. Hypoallergenic and Washable Each pillow comes with a hypoallergenic, washable viscous of bamboo cover. Our pillows resist allergens which is great for those sensitive to common allergens. ️